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How to complete The Only Way Out’s ‘meet the people of the Bazaar’ objective in Dying Light 2

How to progress on the early-game story mission.

Meet the people of the Bazaar is a sub-objective in early story mission The Only Way Out in Dying Light 2.

The objective is the first you’ll come across once you have completed the prologue and have arrived in the open-world – giving you a first taste of vendors and introducing side-characters.

It’s also where you can start the first of Dying Light 2’s side-quests, if you prefer.

In our experience, how to complete this opening objective was confusing – so if you’re in a similar position, this page can help.

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How to complete The Only Way Out’s ‘meet the people of the Bazaar’ objective in Dying Light 2

The objective is seemingly quite simple – it has you explore the Bazaar, a hub-of-sorts within the region, acting as a way to introduce to you vendors and side-characters.


However, no matter how many people you talk to, for us, the objective didn’t complete.


There is a simple solution here if you are stuck – you must leave the Bazaar and continue exploring the world. Once you start moving away from the Bazaar, Hakon will call you and give you the next objective within The Only Way Out.

Whether this is intentional or a bug, we don’t know – but in short, unlike previous objectives which has a ‘quest area’ and will progress automatically when complete, this one does not.


If when you move away from the Bazaar it doesn’t complete with Hakon giving you a call, then it’s possible you must talk to a certain number of people within the Bazaar first. For us, we interacted with the following:

  • Lena (by the ramp leading upstairs near the entrance)
  • Urban (barman off to the side of the ground floor)
  • Ahab (next to the Merchant)
  • Picking up the side-quests from Carlos (The Spark of Invention) and Julian (Cheers)
  • The ‘Quest-giver’ interactable at the notice board of missing people, outside by the gate
  • The Merchant and the Craftmaster vendors

Looking for more help? We have system explainers for crossplay and how to play co-op as well as how long it takes to beat Dying Light 2. For upgrades, there are factions to consider, our recommendations for the best skills and how to get XP fast. As for things to find, there are Inhibitor locations, Windmill locations and our explainer on how to unlock fast travel. Finally, we also explain how to complete the early meet the people of the Bazaar objective.

Try the above, and hopefully that should then work for you. We also completed The Spark of Invention before we progressed beyond the Bazaar – so completing that, or one of the two side-quests, could be an extra requirement.

With that done, you can now continue the story!

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