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How to create your own BTS adventure in BTS Universe Story

Setting the scene

The first thing you have to do is set the scene, and luckily you have a variety of locations and effects to do just that with the editor. Tap the edit icon on the same row as the checkered icon at the top of the screen, and you’ll be able to choose a background locations, music, effects, and more..

This will be instrumental to giving your story a sense of time and place, and you should be careful about where you choose to set your scene. What relevance does it have to your story? Or, perhaps, is it entirely irrelevant on purpose? Choose wisely.

Finish off with a fun effect for comedic value and you’ll be ready to slap some music on your scene – for that, just hit the musical note icon next to the edit button.

Choose your fighter

You will need a main character, at least one, for each scene, and you can either choose from one of the BTS boys, or create your own original character.

Luckily – yes! – you can actually choose a woman in the custom characters, so the BTS boys don’t have to solely interact with other men if you don’t want them to, but extra characters aren’t going to be as customisable. And like, hey, why else would you play this game if not for BTS?

While you’re here, try to give your characters a defining character trait while writing their dialogue, no matter how silly it may be.

Monologue vs dialogue and spreadsheets

You’ll be able to type and send dialogue into your scripts using the small text box at the bottom of the screen, and once that dialogue is up you’ll be able to tap the dialogue icon on each bit of text to change whom is saying it, and whether they’re talking to someone or themselves.

You can also use the dialogue icon at the bottom of the screen to change your input to a location change, or even a player choice, allowing the player to get involved and choose the next action.

Impressively, you can even format online spreadsheets and import these into the game as scripts, essentially saving you the hassle of typing everything out on your phone. Pretty nifty, honestly. Though with that comes a lot of stress, so go for that method once you’re secure in the knowledge of how to create a more basic script and story.

Publishing to the world

And finally, you can publish your absurd ramblings to the world. Sorry, only my ramblings are truly absurd, but you know what I’m trying to say here.

Once you’ve finished and saved your story, you’ll be able to hit the options button on the main screen, and then public, allowing anyone in the world to see it, once you have saved your game at least.

Popular story writers will get rewarded with in-game currency, allowing you to continue the main story and read more stories from other writers, so it’s a true win-win scenario. Get out there and become a published BTS fan fiction writer!

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