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Humble Capcom X Sega PlayStation bundle features Dead Rising, Alien Isolation and more

Every now and then, Humble breaks its PC game tradition for something a little more console focused. Such is the case this week, as the site is currently offering up a bundle filled with PlayStation games of all varieties from an unlikely pairing of publishers.

The Humble Capcom X Sega PlayStation bundle unsurprisingly bundles up a batch of games from both Capcom and Sega and offers them up at prices of your choosing.

Before going any further here, it’s worth noting all the codes you’ll get from this bundle are US ones, meaning they will only work on PSN accounts based in the US, Canada or South America. That said, you can still redeem all of these games in the UK and beyond by signing up for a free US or Canadian PSN account and redeeming the codes on that account. After that, you can sign out and sign back into your UK profile and play the games once they’re installed on your console. Job done.

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