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Hutch’s F1 Manager has been renamed F1 Clash with new season and content update

Hutch has revealed the new season of its fan favourite mobile F1 title, F1 Manager that has been rebranded to F1 Clash from this season on. Along with the rename, the new season will bring new elements, upgrades and a lot more alongside the original content consisting of official 2021 drivers and teams.

The publisher claims it as the most extensive content update, featuring the most competitive season the game has ever hosted. Finally, it is a piece of good news for the players who experienced a lack of competitive scene and were a bit upset about the elements of the game.

Hutch’s development team decided to rename the title by conducting extensive research and studied player’s interests, to modify and push out new content. The following update will feature all of the existing rosters of 2021 Drivers, Teams and Liveries.

With 48 brand new car components coming, it is set to redefine the racing abilities of each team. The new update mainly focuses on the end game results of each and every driver.

The new update will allow players to customize their cars by adjusting the stats and attributes. The coming season will test the player’s tactics as each and every team gets an equal opportunity to optimize their cars.

Players who have collected the Constructors Points in the previous season can spend it on their newly recruited drivers and components by heading to the in-game store.

The previous seasons’ score also gives you chance to receive a free crate with rewards and grants you temporary or permanent buffs too. On the other hand, the UI of the game seems improved. Also, the graphics and animations have been enhanced along with an option to choose between dark and light mode.

Corentin Delprat, F1 Clash Game Director at Hutch said: “We’ve continually improved the experience of F1 Clash thanks to the valued feedback from our community and our own learnings from previous seasons, but the latest season is easily the most exciting development for both the Hutch team and our players”.

F1 Clash is now available on App Store and Google Play. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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