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Industries of Titan has the potential to be one of the great management games

I’m not sure what’s worse, that I can’t figure out why my Citizens keep dying, or that I don’t especially care. My smokestacks are at least partially responsible, belching out toxic fumes as they burn the waste littering the surface of Titan like crisp packets across the Pacific. Building my habitation pods next to factory equipment probably isn’t helping either. Sleep and industrial machinery are not natural bedfellows.

It’s a combination of factors that would take significant effort to resolve. I could do that, or I can just keep buying shiploads of fresh citizens from my spaceport. They’re remarkably cheap, after all.

Industries of Titan may look like SimCity in Space, but it plays more like a hyper-capitalist Dungeon Keeper, one where being evil isn’t so much a performative pantomime as just a necessary cost of operations. You play the head of a freshly minted corporation chosen to oversee a new and lucrative business venture on Saturn’s largest moon. Expectations are high, and you’ll need to exploit every resource at your disposal to make your mark on this alien world.

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