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Is Apex Legends’ Revenant’s hitbox broken?

Apex Legends’ most recent roster addition, Revenant, is too easy to kill, say some players.

According to some commenters on the Apex Legend subreddit (thanks, The Loadout), Revenant – who boasts extraordinary climbing skills and a fast-moving crouch as his passive skill, the ability to shut down enemy abilities as his tactical, and can issue a death totem for downed teammates as his ultimate – may look skinny enough to necessitate the extra 5 per cent damage he takes, similar to the extra damage taken by Wraith’s small frame, but according to some his hitbox is “actually pretty disjointed in many areas”.

“I really hope we can get a fix for this stuff, because as fun as Revenant is to play, it’s really frustrating feeling like he’s made of tissue paper,” said one player. “I can’t get away with stuff like bolting across a street in Capitol like I can on other legends, because I just take so much more damage just getting poked/sprayed at – and my most played characters are Mirage & Bangalore, so I’m used to average hitbox characters.”

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