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It looks like Bloober Team is teasing a return to its sci-fi horror Observer

Developer Bloober Team, purveyor of psychedelic horror delights such as Layers of Fear and last year’s Blair Witch game, is in a teasing mood – and it looks very much like its excellent sci-fi horror adventure Observer is making a return, be it for a sequel or something else.

Over on Twitter, the developer has released a brief new teaser video, accompanied by the message “>new_incoming_call_ >sig: ch120n 1nc02p02473d_”. And while there’s no explicit mention of Observer, there are enough hints to connect the dots.

For instance, not only does the video sport a cyberpunk aesthetic near identical to that seen in the original Observer, the logo of Chiron Incorporated – the nefarious corporation at the heart of Bloober’s sci-fi horror – also appears slap bang in the centre. Oh, and a sharp-eyed fan has already spotted a revealing message – “Daniel, are you there?” – hidden within.

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