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Just Cause: Mobile is an upcoming top-down shooter from Square Enix that’s heading for iOS and Android next year

Square Enix has announced today that Just Cause: Mobile will be heading for iOS and Android at some stage in 2021. Designed with touchscreens in mind the game promises to deliver a single-player campaign and various multiplayer modes to grapple, glide and shoot in as well as letting players create their own custom character.

On launch, there will be four game modes for players to tackle including a story campaign. Here players will take on the role of a member of the Agency’s secret program, Firebrand. They’ll be tasked with taking on Darkwater forces in large open-world locations and meet up with characters from the series to form alliances. 

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Beyond that, players will be able to test their skills against one another in the multiplayer mode Triple Threat. This 30-person online game variant will see three teams of ten players battling it out to secure bases and score points whilst utilising various weapons and vehicles.

If you’re looking for something less competitive but still want to play the game with your pals you might be interested in tackling the co-op missions. Here up to four players can work together to complete missions where they’ll fight waves of enemies that will include heavy tanks and armoured mechs.

Finally, there’s Challenge Mode for those looking for a tougher test. Here players will aim to achieve high scores across three distinct challenges that include causing as much destruction as possible or recording the best lap time. Scoring well will net them extra rewards for their agent.

Just Cause: Mobile will be heading for the App Store and Google Play sometime in 2021. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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