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Konami pulls the plug on Super Bomberman R Online

Super Bomberman R Online is now going offline. Konami has announced its plans to “terminate the service” on 1st December across all platforms.

In addition to this, Konami revealed that the sale of Bomber Coins and Premium Packs will end today (1st June), with the company asking for all unused Bomber Coins to be used “before the end of the service”.

Konami did not go into the specifics of why it has made this decision, only citing “various circumstances” as the catalyst for the service’s closure.

Here’s a look at Super Bomberman R Online.

It’s not all bad news, however.

While the end may be nigh for Super Bomberman R Online, Konami has hinted at its future plans for the series, saying it is “moving forward with new projects”.

While there is no indication of what these projects may be, the company hopes it will be able to inform us all of them “soon”.

Konami closed out this announcement by thanking its community for the continued support.

Of course, if you feel the need to get your Super Bomberman R fix, there is still the option to play the original game from 2017 as and when you desire.

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