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Last Oasis dev explains rough launch as survival MMO’s servers finally go back online

Post-apocalyptic survival MMO Last Oasis is finally back online after a week of downtime following its extremely rocky Steam early access launch back in March – and developer Donkey Crew has shared a few words on what, exactly, went wrong.

Last Oasis, if you’re unfamiliar, casts players as human survivors, doomed to endlessly roam an Earth that no longer rotates in order to stay ahead of the scorching sun.

It’s a wonderfully appealing premise, and one that plenty of players were eager to experience for themselves when Lost Oasis entered early access on 26th March. Sadly, however, Last Oasis’ launch was plagued by server issues, with severe wait times and server crashes leaving many that purchased the game simply unable play. After a few days with no improvement, Donkey Crew elected to take its servers offline for a week to get to the bottom of things.

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