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Latest Horizon Forbidden West trailer shows new Gladiator-esque challenges

Are you not entertained?!

Today brings a new trailer for Horizon Forbidden West, showcasing the challenges players will face in its titular West.

Following on from the events of Horizon Zero Dawn, this sequel puts players back into the shoes of Aloy once more. Unfortunately for the outcast-turned-Nora-hero, however, it does not look as though there will be any time to sit back and relax. A deadly plague now appears to be ravishing the land, threatening life once more.

The new trailer from PlayStation reveals this plague will not be the only thing Aloy will have to contend with, however. The Forbidden West is teaming with challenges for players to overcome, including some Gladiator-style battles against deadly machines that would even make Ridley Scott proud – that Slitherfang already gives me goosebumps.

Outside of the arena, Aloy will also be able to test her skill in the various melee pits found within Forbidden West’s settlements, venture into the wild’s hunting grounds, or take on salvage contracts to track down rare machines.

Along with the machines, Aloy will be coming against a new enemy on Forbidden West’s release: Regalla. Regalla is a brutal warrior, who leads one of the rebel tribes. A previous trailer revealed Regalla answers to a “higher power” which is alluded to be the shady Sylens from Zero Dawn.

Thankfully Aloy will have some new items to help her on her way through the world, with gear such as an Oseram forgeblast spike thrower, shieldwing, pullcaster and adhesive grenades in her arsenal. And, let’s be honest, it looks like she is going to need them!

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