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Laughing with Dan Marshall and Ben Ward in The Eurogamer Podcast

Let’s have a wonderful time gentleman, please!

I was hoping they’d be funny in real-life, because their games are, and I’m absolutely delighted to say they are. I’m still genuinely warmed that they’re best friends in real-life and have been since school. I’d hoped as much – it’s why I asked them to be on the Podcast together (the first double-header!) – but I didn’t realise how fundamental to everything their friendship would be.

They are Dan Marshall and Ben Ward, the eponymous heroes and funny men behind the Dan and Ben series. See them in such daring adventures as Ben There, Dan That; Time Gentleman, Please; and Lair of the Clockwork God – the latter of which was one of my favourite games of 2020. And if you’re a fan, know that it’s getting a fancy Limited Run boxed release but that you’ve got only until the end of the week to order.

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