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Leak suggests Crash Bandicoot brawler headed our way soon

This is the week of not E3 but still sort of E3, so you can expect plenty of announcements and reveals to be coming your way very soon.

And now a new leak suggests that one such announcement will be that of a new Crash Bandicoot game. Or, more specifically, a Crash Bandicoot multiplayer brawler from developer Toys For Bob.

Eurogamer’s Ian Higton gets up close and personal with Crash Bandicoot’s jorts on the PS5.

Chatting on the Windows Central Gaming Podcast (via PureXbox), Windows Central’s Jez Corden said the following:

“New Crash? I wonder where you got that information from? I wasn’t supposed to leak that… I think we could see a new Crash Bandicoot, and not only is it going to be a new Crash Bandicoot, but it’s [also] going to be a multiplayer Crash Bandicoot… It’s like a four-player brawler almost but Crash oriented.”

So, move over Smash Bros., as it’s soon going to be time for Crash Bros. (ok, I admit that was not my best effort).

However, that being said, we maybe could call it that for now, as Corden said he was unable to recall the rumoured game’s actual title. There have long been rumours that “Wumpa League” may be coming sometime soon, but Corden said that this is not it (at least in name).

You can check out the full episode from Windows Central Gaming below.

Xbox Chaturdays Ep 69 from Windows Central Gaming.

On a different note, I guess we now have an idea of what the other members of Activision (Crash’s publisher) who aren’t working on Call of Duty are doing behind the scenes.

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