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Lego Mighty Bowser not big enough for you? Here’s a look at Nintendo’s 14ft version

If you found yourself impressed by Lego’s recently unveiled Mighty Bowser set but couldn’t quite shake the feeling something was missing – say, around 13ft – then Nintendo has you covered. As part of San Diego Comic-Con, the company has constructed an absolute behemoth Mighty Bowser, measuring over 14ft tall.

The retail version of Mighty Bowser is, of course, already pretty sizeable, weighing in at 2,807 pieces, making it the largest Lego Mario adult set yet. However, the San Diego version absolutely crushes that like a sudden Thwomp to the bonce, utilising over 663,900 bricks to create its magnificent heft.

And if that wasn’t enough, the 14-ft tall version is even articulated, able to move its thumbs, shift its arms, swivel its head and eyes indepently, and waggle its eyebrows for good measure. You can see the (slightly intimidating) thing in action below.

Those wanting to see The King-Sized Bowser, as Nintendo’s calling it, in the flesh (or whatever the plastic brick equivalent is), can do so at San Diego Comic-con from 21st-24th July. Or you can just hit replay on the Twitter video a few times, which is probably the more cost-effective approach if you don’t already plan to be there.

LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser.

Lego’s more sensibly sized Mighty Bowser goes on sale 1st October and costs £230/$270 USD.

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