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Little Hope welcomes you to a darker historical chapter for The Dark Pictures Anthology

Whether you’re buying snacks for that big house party tonight, packing to go on a lovely hike through the wilderness, or just hanging out with friends in a picturesque remote cabin, you know you’ve got at least half an hour before the killing begins. It’s a horror movie trope that characters have to be established, tension slowly built, so the audience can identify their heroes as well as the doomed couple who will later sneak off and die horribly. It’s something which Man of Medan, Supermassive Games’ first entry in its Dark Pictures Anthology series, played into with its opening, which starred fratty teens drinking beers on a boat.

Little Hope, as its name might suggest, dispenses with all of that.

This second, standalone chapter opens with a much darker and more startling introduction – one which reveals plot points trailers have not hinted at so far. We’ll avoid going into detail, but suffice to say this story’s focus on different time periods – historical events during the witch-fearing 1692 and a group of students in the present day – will play a much larger part in the game’s mystery than expected, with links between them that run a lot deeper than those seen in Man of Medan.

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