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Little Hope’s opening is a brilliant version of the series in microcosm

This article contains spoilers for Little Hope’s short prologue. For a more general overview of how the game begins, our Little Hope preview from April is spoiler-free.

To date, Supermassive Games has shown only snippets of Little Hope’s opening, which sets up the fact this chapter of its Dark Pictures anthology series will mix sections set in the present day with moments from the Salem witch trial era of the late 1600s. But the studio has also been teasing a couple of other story secrets which set up the wider mystery of the game. After going hands-on with the demo in a recent remote hands-on, we’ll talk about both of these surprises below.

Little Hope’s action begins with a coach crash in the present day – the driver distracted by a sudden commotion in the back of the vehicle and then surprised by the appearance of a young girl in the middle of the road. Cut to black, and a shift in time to… the 1970s.

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