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Lost Planets, Resident Evil: Code Veronica get Xbox One backward compatibility today

Lost Planet, Lost Planet 2, Lost Planet 3, Lost Planet Colonies, and Resident Evil: Code Veronica X are all being doinked with the Xbox One backward compatibility wand today, Microsoft has announced (just not in those words).

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition originally released on Xbox 360 in 2006, and its sci-fi-infused, third-person shooting action was – according to creator Keiji Inafune – directly inspired by Bungie’s Halo. There was much to like about Lost Planet – most memorably, the striking sub-zero ambience of E.D.N. III, its ice planet setting, and its menagerie of frequently enormous enemy creatures – but its mission structure and shooty bits weren’t quite so compelling. As a result, Eurogamer awarded it an old-school 7/10 back in the day.

Later instalments in the series shook things up considerably, with the second game ditching the solitary exploration of part one, in favour of a somewhat more gung-ho four-person multiplayer adventure across a variety of climes. Unfortunately, reckoned Eurogamer at the time, Lost Planet 2’s shift in focus lead to an experience that struggled to make its action particularly gratifying for solo players, and was simply too compromised to consistently satisfy in co-op play.

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