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Magic: The Gathering Arena: Jumpstart: Historic Horizons is officially out now

Wizards of the Coat has officially launched the massive Magic: The Gathering Jumpstart: Historic Horizons expansion on Magic: The Gathering Arena. Although slated to launch on the 12th of August, the event was slightly delayed and is finally launching now.

This new expansion features 31 exclusive cards that have been designed specifically for the digital version of the game. New mechanics to play on mobile have also been introduced.

The 31 new cards are not the only inclusions in this update. Jumpstart: Historic Horizons will also feature reprints of iconic cards from Modern Horizons and Modern Horizons 2, making Magic: The Gathering Arena’s gameplay that much more interesting.

Coming to those new mechanics I spoke about; these have been created to facilitate more enthralling gameplay on a digital platform.


A random card that fits certain specific criteria is randomly picked. Players must not spend any time looking or shuffling. Simply pick up a card and keep the game going.


This mechanic is capable of permanently changing the attributes of the card no matter where it goes. It makes use of MTG Arena’s ability to alter digital objects on the go, no matter where they are throughout the game.


Conjure cards out of thin air using this mechanic. They will of course be in the form of a digital object, but this digital object will behave like any other normal card. You can use Conjure to conjure plain cards but a more efficient and useful way of using this mechanic would be to cast more powerful spells and artefacts to conjure much more powerful cards ranging from Tropical Island to Stromfront Pegasus and more.

You can check out the new cards and their abilities on MTG: Arena’s official website as well. Another event called Historic Brawl is currently playable until September 9th.

Download Magic: The Gathering Arena for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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