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Marvel at ten new minutes of atmospheric Half-Life: Alyx gameplay action

Ahead of Half-Life: Alyx’s long-long-awaited launch later this month, Valve has released around ten minutes of new gameplay footage – split across three separate videos – highlighting the kind of unique VR interactions, including three different forms of locomotion, that players can expect from the first-person shooter come 23rd March.

Video number one is mainly focussed on exploration, starting and ending within the cramped confines of a subway train. There are headcrabs and headcrab zombies galore, with plenty of moody ambience as Alyx prowls the shadowy underground station to pick off opponents one by one. It’s also a bit of a showcase for the game’s physics-based interactions – we see the player prising away planks with their hands and even, hilariously, plopping a hardhat onto their heads at one point – and it’s all demoed using stomach-friendly teleportation movement.

Valve’s second video is for those made of slightly stronger VR stuff, showing off continuous locomotion – a particularly nail-biting proposition given the impressive sense of verticality during the sequence. The bulk of this video takes place within the squalid interior of a crumbling building – although the sun-dappled snatches of City 17 outside look absolutely gorgeous – and it features its own selection of nifty interactions too.

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