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Mass Effect and Advance Wars demake mash-up looks adorable

What if Mass Effect merged with GBA strategy title Advance Wars?

That’s the question answered by YouTube channel 64 Bits with its latest video that blends the two games together in a beautiful demake.

The video reimagines BioWare’s classic sci-fi epic as a top-down strategy title. Sadly it’s not actually playable, but it’s wonderfully crafted.

Though the game’s full title is Advance Effect: Legendary Edition, the video focuses on the iconic Virmire mission from Mass Effect.

The story twists play out with cute character portraits and miniature sprites. Thankfully, the player makes the correct choice.

Then it’s on to battle. It takes place on a grid, with weapons dealing damage, biotic abilities manoeuvring enemy positions, and even AI hacking.

Watch the video for yourself below.

The channel is known for its gaming mash-ups and demakes. A couple of years back it released a stunning Paper Zelda video, which really deserves a full game.

More recently the team created demakes of God of War and Bioshock Infinite as PS1 and SNES games respectively.

As for the real Advance Wars, forthcoming Switch title Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp was delayed until further notice due to the war in Ukraine.

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