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Metal Gear Solid remade in Dreams looks surprisingly authentic

We’re back with your weekly dose of Dreams goodness – and this time it’s a big one, as a player is using the creator to remake Metal Gear Solid. All of it.

YouTuber and Dreams tinkerer Bearly Regal has been working on the project for several weeks: having previously uploaded a very work-in-progress teaser trailer of the game’s first level, he’s returned with an update to report on his latest work. He’s now got a vastly improved environment, which you can take a peep at here. It looks pretty… solid.

Regal explains that his previous version had problems with the crates taking up “60 per cent memory”, but thanks to tips from fellow Dreams creators on Twitter (and apparently even Media Molecule devs), he was able to learn new techniques to improve the textures and optimise the items. He’s currently borrowing a Solid Snake model while he’s working on his own, which seems to be producing, er, mixed results.

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