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Metro Exodus has now sold 6m copies

“Strong back catalogue performance… exceeded management’s expectations.”

4A Games’ Metro Exodus has now sold over 6m copies since its initial release in 2019.

In a report by Embracer Group, the parent company announced Koch Media had seen strong sales across its gaming brands over the last quarter, citing: “The main revenue driver for the quarter was strong back catalogue performance, which exceeded management’s expectations”.

While a lot of praise was showered upon the recent release of Hot Wheels Unleashed, which has sold 1m copies worldwide since its launch in September, credit additionally went to Metro Exodus.

“Back-catalogue sales were also driven by the evergreen title Metro Exodus, which has sold 6m copies since its launch in February 2019, and Saints Row The Third: Remastered”.

Metro Exodus was met with its fair share of controversy on its release, as it was removed from the Steam store and its PC copies became an Epic exclusive.

However, it was subsequently met with scores of positive reviews (even from those on Steam), with many lauding the game for its story, art and atmosphere.

In Eurogamer’s review of Metro Exodus, Edwin said: “We need more experiences like Metro Exodus that know how to resist empty bloodshed and kindle such closeness, finding the warmth in the wasteland”.

Metro Exodus got a new gen upgrade for the Xbox series X and PlayStaion 5 last year.

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