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Microsoft Office’s Clippy returns, by way of Halo Infinite

Microsoft has finally caved into years of pressure and has resurrected Clippy from the grave… sort of.

With the arrival of Halo Infinite’s Season 2, Clippy makes a return in the form of a legendary-tier weapon charm, although it’s currently unclear how players can unlock it, as it’s not available on the Battle Pass or earned in-game.

Xbox hardware senior project manager James Shields showed off Clippy and the associated nameplate the “Clipster” in a tweet.

There’s also an unlockable teabag weapon charm coming on the way.

Season 2 brings three new game modes – Landgrab, King of the Hill, and Last Spartan Standing – and two brand-new maps – Catalyst and Breaker.

It was also announced that Season 2 will last six months and will contain a persistent Battle Pass.

There’s also ongoing rumours that 343 Industries will soon be announcing a Battle Royale mode for the game.

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