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Microsoft unveils “surreal” Lunar Shift special edition Xbox controller

Are standard Xbox controllers a little too ordinary for your tastes? Then perhaps Microsoft’s has the answer with its newly revealed – and purportedly “surreal” – Lunar Shift special edition affair.

In what way, you might reasonably be wondering, is the Lunar Shift Special Edition Wireless Controller “surreal”? Is it perhaps formed from the whisper of a backward-speaking entity in a red-curtain-clad room? Does it droop provocatively across surfaces like a slowly melting pocket watch? Does it wear a snazzy top hat and rain in multitudes?

Alas, none of those things; the Lunar Shift’s big gimmick is that – in a similar colour-changing fashion to last year’s Aqua Shift controller – it shifts from silver to gold as it catches the light. This, says, Microsoft, gives it a “stylised, smokey atmosphere”.

The Lunar Shift special edition controller and matching charging stand.

Elsewhere, it features “mesmerising” rubberised grey and black swirl grips, a black underside, grey thumb sticks, and buttons that come in a mix of grey and white.

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If all that does it for you, the Xbox Wireless Controller – Lunar Shift Special Edition is available to purchase now and costs £59.99/$69.99 USD. Those that like to go all out on matching hardware, can also pick up the similarly styled Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand for Xbox – Lunar Shift edition for $49.99 USD.

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