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Minecraft now has an Angry Birds expansion

Remember Angry Birds? Everyone’s favourite mobile time-waster from 10 years ago is back today as a new expansion in Minecraft.

This paid-for add-on lets you fling birds at pigs, as is tradition, now in blocky 3D. There’s a story mode, which plays like a classic Minecraft map, or a full-on version of the classic Angry Birds gameplay, converted into Minecraft.

The expansion is the work of Oreville Studios, a developer dedicated to building content on the Minecraft Marketplace platform, and looks… decent? Here’s a trailer showing gameplay:

Angry Birds arrives in Minecraft, 10 years later.

Adding some Angry Birds to your Minecraft will cost 1340 Minecoins (and you can pick up a pack of 1720 for just over £8). It’s available via the Minecraft Marketplace for the game’s Bedrock platforms.

Angry Birds’ popularity may have waned, but there’s clearly still some life left in the franchise yet. A month ago, Rovio relaunched its original Angry Birds game without microtransactions as Angry Birds Classic. It’s the original game as you remember it, back available now for iPhone and Android priced just 89p.

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