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Monster Hunter Rise – High Rank explained: Current HR cap, how to unlock High Rank and how to prepare for the April update

High Rank in Monster Hunter Rise is where the fun really begins.

As with previous Monster Hunter games, monsters and their associated hunts are split into two categories – Low Rank, and High Rank. The latter tasks you with tougher monsters and higher level gear to farm as a reward – with your current High Rank (or HR as it’s often referred to by the community) representing your progression through the end game.

At launch, High Rank is capped – and will be lifted with the arrival of the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise April update.

This page explains how to unlock High Rank, the current HR cap, and how to prepare for its arrival.

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How to unlock High Rank in Monster Hunter Rise

When you first play Monster Hunter Rise, you are in Low Rank. This isn’t mentioned as such – but know all the initial quests in either the Village and Hub quest tracks are in this rank.

High Rank is only available in the Hub missions, unlocking once you hit the four star quests.

However, it’s not the only way to unlock High Rank; we recommend playing through the Village quests, since as you reach the higher stages you’ll unlock licences which allow you to jump up the Hub quest chain, helping you get to High Rank without starting over from scratch.


These licenses are pretty challenging – tasking you with hunting multiple creatures in one go – but it means you can progress through the Village story and get to the juicy end game content in the Hub at the same time.

If you’d rather just go with the Hub, know that the Village quests are particularly useful for beginners and solo players, since they are designed to be easier to complete than Hub missions, which has a particular focus on the end game and multiplayer.

What is the current High Rank cap in Monster Hunter Rise?

At launch, Monster Hunter Rise has a High Rank cap of 7 – also known as HR7.

The HR cap will be increased in an upcoming April update. Previous games had a HR cap at 999, so expect something similar in Rise.


As well as an increased High Rank cap, the update will also introduce Chameleos – a mist-themed Elder Dragon that debuted in 2006’s Monster Hunter 2 – Apex Rathalos, and possibly “several” other monsters.


With the big April update due to introduce a new set of features and raise the HR cap, the endgame as it stands in Monster Hunter Rise is admittedly a little on the slim side – after the climactic battle with Thunder Serpent Narwa, you hit HR7, where you’ll be able to farm high-end monsters such as HR Goss Harag, HR Almudron, HR Diablos, HR Tigrex and HR Rajang – all of which can open up some of Monster Hunter Rise’s most powerful gear, and a good place to help you prepare for what’s to come next.


As well as our Monster Hunter Rise tips, learn about High Rank, ore locations, bone locations, weapon types, Insect Glaives and Kinsects, how to join friends in multiplayer, how to capture monsters and learn about wirebugs and great wirebugs. Meanwhile when it comes to individual quests, we have explainers of where to find a Well-done Steak and a Rock Lizard.

When is the Monster Hunter Rise April update release arriving, and how can you prepare for it?

Capcom has said the upcoming April update – which will raise the HR cap, and introduce several new monsters – will be arriving “for the end of April”. A Digital Event highlighting the update is scheduled for April 27th – so though you shouldn’t expect it before then, it is then likely the update will follow in the days afterward.

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Until then, you can make your way to HR7, the current cap.

Getting there means facing the toughest monsters – which also means you can farm some of the toughest armour and most powerful weapons. It won’t be easy, and it’s best to figure out a build beforehand then work towards it.


There are as many viable builds as there are ways to play Monster Hunter Rise, so be as creative as you please – though whatever you go for, make sure you upgrade it to its max potential as soon as you possibly can.

How to craft the most powerful gear in Monster Hunter Rise

Upgrading armor in Monster Hunter is straightforward, though it can be sped up considerably with a little bit of good housekeeping.

One of the quickest ways to earn the high end armour spheres you’ll need to level up your gear is by making sure you’re always ticking off optional quests in the multiplayer – these are obtainable and can be checked in at the hub quest counter, so make sure picking these up then dropping them off is part of your regular routine when away from the hunt.


How to earn money fast in Monster Hunter Rise

Upgrading armour takes a fair amount of parts and spheres, but it also takes hard cold cash – and when you’re speeding armour through the ranks towards the end of the game, it can take a considerable amount of money too.

One of the quickest ways to earn decent cash in Monster Hunter, aside from grinding through quests, is clearing your inventory of items and parts you no longer need – and once you’ve reached High Rank and are working through the endgame, you’ll likely have acquired a fair amount that can be offloaded.


Just be mindful when selling it on, though – if you’ve an interest in exploring a particular weapon tree, you’ll still need to build the base weapons to access the more powerful stuff, so just know exactly what you can bear to part ways with before raking in the cash.

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