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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s delayed Alatreon update out next week

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s previously delayed fourth major content update – which pits hunters against formidable elemental-shifting black dragon Alatreon – finally has a release date, and will be making its way to Xbox One, PS4, and PC next Thursday, 9th July.

Alatreon – whose arrival in Iceborne was teased at the start of the year, when Capcom hinted that players could look forward to the return of a “fan-favourite” creature as part its 2020 development roadmap – originally debuted in Monster Hunter 3, and was set to make its mark on Iceborne, complete with craftable weapons and armour, in May.

However, Capcom was ultimately forced to delay Alatreon’s arrival due to “coronavirus related impacts on production”, which, it noted, would also affect voiceover production, meaning the update’s Italian, Spanish, and French voice work will be replaced with “simplified recordings”.

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