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Mother 4 fan-game resurfaces and rebrands as Oddity

Homeward bound.

A Mother 4 fan-game has resurfaced and rebranded following years of limbo.

Oddity, the new name for the project, is an urban role-playing game, like Mother, but it’s set in the 70s and stars a baseball bat-wielding character called Travis Fields.

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We’ve reported on the unofficial spiritual successor to Shigesato Itoi’s beloved RPG series for years. The last we heard, the exciting fan-made project was due out as a free download on PC in the summer of 2015. Then, the game put you in the role of three kids and a biker gang tasked with uncovering the “Modern Men” conspiracy.

What of the official Mother series, then? Back in February 2019, our Tom Phillips reported a western release of Mother 3 was finally on the cards for the Wii U Virtual Console, timed for the game’s 10th anniversary, but it was scuppered due to “controversial elements”.

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This 2016 port would have been the first time Mother 3 launched in the west, where Nintendo’s oddball role-playing game series is named as Earthbound and is probably still best known for its representation in Super Smash Bros.

The new Wii U version of Mother 3 arrived right on time in Japan, but Nintendo never officially announced the Wii U version for the west and so never commented on why it never arrived – despite western Wii U re-releases of Earthbound and Earthbound Beginnings performing well on the console’s eShop.

As for Oddity, it’ll be out when it’s ready, the developers said.

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