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Moving Out review – removals get the Overcooked treatment

Bedford Falls, the darkest time-line. A classic movie moment. Clarence and George are in the bar and have finally pushed Nick, the proprietor, too far. “Dat does it,” says Nick. “Out you two pixies go. True da door or out da window.”

True da door or out da window. That line has been very helpful to me over the last few days as I’ve played through Moving Out, a removals simulator in the knockabout style of the glorious kitchen game Overcooked. As with Overcooked you move around elbowy physics-driven environments trying to do a pretty straightforward job in difficult circumstances. As with Overcooked your colleagues – your allies – are often the biggest hurdle to deal with. But whereas my mantra with Overcooked was always, can everyone please stick to their f-ing station, with Moving Out I have looked to St Nick. I arrive at a new location. I survey the stuff we have to get in the van. The size. The positioning. The question of breakability. Then I ask myself that immortal question: true da door or out da window?

Sofas. Listen, I would always chuck these out da window. They are a pain to handle any other way. A sofa in a stairwell is a bad time indeed. A corner sofa in a doorway makes me want to lie down for the rest of the afternoon. But two removal people can grab a sofa pretty easily, pick up a bit of momentum and loft it through a dual-aspect like nobody’s business. Soft landing on the lawn. Then into the truck.

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