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Murder by Numbers review – a witty, winning combo of puzzler and visual novel

Honor’s having a bad day and now there’s a giant stiletto embedded in the side of a drag bar.

I’ll concede that the guy squished beneath the back wheels of the Pride float is probably having a worse day. But given Honor’s lost her job, her showrunner pal, an award ceremony and been at the scene for not one but two recent murders – all under the shadow of a not-so-amicable divorce and a very, very irritating mother, may I add – I think she might be running a close second.

We’ve been called to the location by a friend of ours, K.C. Before we were fired, K.C. tended our hair and makeup on the set of our hit show Murder Miss Terri where we played second-fiddle to bolshy Becky in the titular role. But rather than calling the police on spotting what’s left of the dude squished beneath the wheels of the festival float, K.C. decided to drag us into it; you know, because poor Honor hasn’t been through enough.

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