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Mysterious new Nintendo Switch controller listed

Will be kept secret for up to 180 days.

Nintendo has filed a new FCC application to launch a new type of controller for Nintendo Switch.

The filing popped up today, and was first spotted by Twitter user SamusHunter2. It specifically notes the product is a “game controller” with the Nintendo Switch “HAC” peripheral prefix.

Details are scarce, as the rest of the listing is being deliberately obscured until Nintendo officially announces the product, or for up to 180 days (which would take us to March next year).

The Nintendo Switch and its peripherals all share the “HAC” prefix, with the Switch console being “HAC-001”. The console’s dock is “HAC-007”, while its Pro Controller is “HAC-013”.


More recent additions include the Ring-Con controller (HAC-022) and the SNES controller for use with Nintendo Switch Online (HAC-042). What could HAC-043 be?

Last week, Eurogamer corroborated reports that other console back catalogues would be added to the Switch Online catalogue in the future, including Game Boy and Game Boy Color. Eurogamer is also aware of other platforms destined for the service – although the identities of these have yet to be widely-spilled.

With the FCC only needing to keep this listing secret for a limited period of time, it may not be long until we hear more.

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