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Nano Legends, the 3D tower strategy title, is now up for pre-registration on Android, after its release for iOS

After launching Nano Legends for iOS in the month of March, Nimble Neuron is set to publish it for Android as well. The 3D tower rush strategy game will is accepting pre-registrations on Android now ahead of an upcoming soft launch.

The 3D Tower Rush Champion Brawl features Aillai, a witch and antique shop owner, who has managed to collect numerous little pieces of antique items. With her magic skills, she brings them into life and the small creatures are known as Nanos.

The story begins when humans named Gigas, engage in an endless battle with the creatures of Aillai. During the battle, you have to send your troops and control them with the help of your fingertip.

The mini creatures can be controlled easily and allow flexible placements on the battlefield. With their special skills, you can formulate new battle strategies to dominate your enemies.

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Apart from this, the game has a PvP mode, where you can invite and play along with other global players. Also take a look at the PvE mode, if you ever need to experience the adventurous side of the game.

Seonghun Song, Director, Nimble Neuron added, “We’re really excited to launch on the Play Store, as we know a lot of people have been asking for the release of the game on Android”.“We hope the Android players will fall in love with the game and with the Nano World itself as the iOS players did. We have a lot of things in store for them, and hope to keep entertaining our players with regular updates and new content in the future as well.”

Nano Legends is now available to pre-register on Google Play. You can also try out the soft-launched iOS version on App Store. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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