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Ninjala review: a colourful, confusing clash of Fortnite and Splatoon

I can’t even begin to imagine how a developer attempts to shoehorn another battle royale onto the market right now.

In developer GungHo’s case, it seems, they’ve taken the last-person-standing fun of Fortnite and fused it with the neon-hued mayhem of Splatoon. The result is frenzied free-to-play Ninjala, a new title that successfully, if perhaps inexplicably, apes much of its magic from other titles, yet somehow manages to cultivate a curious charm all of its own.

While it looks and sounds similar to the games it draws inspiration from, Ninjala’s quirky fighting mechanics admittedly stand out. To maintain its PG veneer, our pint-sized ninjas don’t fight with guns or swords, but instead use foam katanas and yoyos and novelty bats to inflict damage, utilising their, er, ninja gum to pull off ultimate attacks and trick shots.

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