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Nintendo gearing up for increased Switch production following global shortages

Nintendo is preparing to boost production of Switch in an effort to meet the huge increase in demand for the console seen in recent months, which has lead to a scarcity of stock and, in some cases, hugely inflated prices.

The company is said to have struggled with stock since February, as social distancing measures introduced in China and Southeast Asia began to impact its supply chain. Shortages were exacerbated as demand climbed following the successful launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizon in March, and jumped still further as social distancing measures swept across the globe, leaving millions homebound and searching for entertainment.

As retail supplies have continued to dwindle – the console has been regularly out of stock across all major UK retailers for weeks, which some are now attributing to swift purchases by automated bots – certain resellers have taken advantage of the situation, charging as much as double the console’s retail price, as Eurogamer’s Emma Kent discovered.

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