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Nintendo Switch SD cards are on sale once again at Amazon

Once again, the full range of SanDisk microSD cards is down to some of its lowest prices as part of the Amazon Summer Sale, offering the perfect opportunity to snag a cheap upgrade to your Nintendo Switch storage.

For the best value offers, you’ll want to go for either the 200GB or 256GB cards. Either of these will offer considerably more room for game installs and downloads alongside the console’s lacklustre 32GB of internal memory. With the average game taking up somewhere in the region of 10GB – and many more a whole lot less – you can see how much extra breathing room one of these Nintendo Switch SD cards will get you.

Going by our price tracker, these offers are some of the best I’ve seen on the cards in months. Looking way back, they may have been a pound or so cheaper in the past, but that’s all that separates them.

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