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Nintendo’s hosting another bonus Splatoon 2 Splatfest next month

It’s been just over a whole year since Nintendo marked the end of post-launch content support for its glorious Switch shooter Splatoon 2 with one last farewell Splatfest, yet it seems the company’s still not quite ready to say goodbye completely. It’s now announced that a second Splatfest revival is on the cards, this one scheduled for August.

Nintendo initially dusted off its favourite Splatfest pants for a temporary reawakening back in May, revisiting one of Splatoon 2’s earliest Splatfest themes to pose the age-old question of ketchup versus mayonnaise (mayo incorrectly lost, if you’re wondering).

And there’s another classic battle in store for this second unexpected event revival, with players being given the opportunity to once again join the ranks of either Team Chicken or Team Egg.

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