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No Man’s Sky is adding big stompy mechs for land and air traversal in today’s update

It’s been around seven months since No Man’s Sky launched its game-changing Beyond update, yet Hello Games’ ever-expanding space sim still shows no signs of slowing. Since then, it’s swelled with weird space landmarks and weekend community events, living ships and dashboard bobbleheads, even a music creation tool. And now: Exo Mechs.

No Man’s Sky Exo Mech Update arrives today, 7th April, and ushers in the new Minotaur Exocraft. This hulking metal beast is described as an pilotable exocraft/suit hybrid and is designed to introduce a new, potentially more liberating means of planetary exploration.

Once suitably ensconced in the cheerily chunky Minotaur, travellers can explore terra firma with a satisfyingly hefty stomp, completely immune to all hostile environmental effects, including radioactivity and extreme temperatures.

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