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No Man’s Sky is going a bit Aliens, adds ominous abandoned ships to raid and explore

Hello Games’ ever-evolving space sim No Man’s Sky is expanding once more, this time setting its sights on the likes of Aliens to strike fear into the hearts of space explorers everywhere. Its latest free expansion, the Desolation Update, is out today on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and adds ominous abandoned capital ships for brave adventurers and their chums to raid and pillage.

Once the Desolation Update is installed, No Man’s Sky players will be able to set out in search of these sinister vessels – either alone or, perhaps more wisely, with friends in tow – in order to breach their airlocks and explore the shadowy, perilous corridors within.

Interior layouts are procedurally generated, and Hello Games warns that explorers venturing into their depths will need to contend with the likes of hazardous spillage, scrambled defence systems, and malfunctioning environment controls. And if they’re very unlucky, they might well encounter hostile alien lifeforms too.

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