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Northgard dev’s top-down co-op zombie-slayer Darksburg enters Steam early access next week

Shiro Games, the developer behind Evoland and excellent Viking-themed RTS Northgard, has announced that its intriguing medieval co-op zombie-slayer Darksburg will be heading to Steam early access next week, on 12th February.

Darksburg lets a team of up to four players loose in the titular medieval town – initially consisting of three maps set across the harbour, marketplace, and Faubourg district – for frantic bouts of light-hearted undead slaughter. Challengers will need to manage their limited resources and deploy their characters’ unique powers and unlockable abilities in tactical unison to complete objectives and make it out alive.

When Darksburg enters early access, it will offer a choice of four playable Survivors: Sister Abigail the Neurotic Nun, Varag the Wary Wolfman, Runolf the Gleeful Gourmet, and bounty hunter Rose (accompanied by her pet chipmunk Twig). You’ll find details on each character’s specific skills on the Darksburg website.

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