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Obsidian is surprise-dropping brand new game Pentiment this November

We didn’t see this one coming: renowned role-playing game developer Obsidian is releasing a brand new game called Pentiment this November on Xbox consoles, PC and the cloud.

It’s a narrative-focused murder mystery set in medieval times, and the action takes place on the pages of an era-appropriate book. It certainly looks different to everything else out there.

The game is led by Obsidian star director Josh Sawyer (Fallout: new Vegas, Pillars of Eternity) and is apparently an idea he pitched years and years ago at Black Isle Studios, according to IGN, which interviewed Sawyer about his new game.

It apparently takes place in the 16th century in Upper Bavaria, and in it, you play Andreas Maler, an artist on the cusp of making master, who’s wrapped up in a muder mystery while studying at an abbey. And it sounds like it may be tricky to solve.

“One of the key things in the game is that we do not ever definitively tell you, canonically, [who] the murderer [is],” Sawywer told IGN.

It’s also just the beginning of a larger tale. Apparently the game covers a span of about 25 years, in which Maler is roped into helping solve multiple crimes and murders.

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