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October’s PlayStation Plus games include Friday the 13th and Laser League

Sony has unveiled the full list of games available as part of a PlayStation Plus subscription in October, including Friday the 13th: The Game and Laser League on PlayStation 4.

Those are two very different, but immensely enjoyable, multiplayer affairs, with Friday the 13th focussing on asymmetrical pursuit horror (with one Jason against a whole team of Crystal Camp counsellors), while Laser League delivers a brash arcade romp bearing at least some resemblance to classic 80s movie Tron.

In Laser League, teams charge around a small arena, scrambling to activate nodes and unleash walls of light. Walls take on the colour of the triggering team and will immediately fell opposing team members that collide with them. Once an entire team is down and no-one can be revived, the other side wins. And so begins a frantic tug-of-war-style skirmish, made all the more chaotic through carefully judged power-ups and a class system that brings further nuance.

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