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One Step from Eden is bullet-hell meets Slay the Spire, and it’s divine

What do you get if you mix a bullet-hell shooter with a deck-building game like Slay the Spire? You get One Step from Eden, and it is a revelation.

So much is like Slay the Spire. You have only one life to see how far you can get. You choose cards to add after battle. You choose between different paths to follow. There are bosses, mini-bosses, and things to do other than battle (rescue people, visit the shop, etc). You buy, sell, remove, and upgrade cards. You gain experience which goes towards unlocking new cards and characters. You even progress towards something – Eden in this case, not up a spire.

But at the same time it’s incredibly different. In One Step from Eden, you move. You play on a grid – you on one side, enemies on the other – and you need to move around to line up your abilities while dodging what your opponents throw at you.

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