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Overpass is sort of a strategy driving game

As far as games are concerned, it’s been a good few years for fans of looking at the ground. That’s if you consider three games to be a good outcome. I love looking at the ground, so I’ll take what I can get. Spintires, Death Stranding, and now Overpass: I’m happy.

All three games are sort of similar, it seems to me now. Spintires was bold enough to ask: what if driving games were all about getting stuck in the mud and maybe moving a couple of feet every hour? It turned out this was thrilling. Death Stranding asked: what if walking simulators really tried to simulate walking? What if the worst thing the post apocalypse could offer was a nasty tumble with a lot of boxes clamped to your back? And now Overpass asks: what if getting stuck in the mud and stuck on rocks was really exciting, and while you did all that stuff a counter was ticking along in the corner driving you into a frenzy?

Overpass tasks you with getting all terrain vehicles over terrible hurdles. There’s mud! Such beautiful, churning mud. There’s slippery rock and shifting sand. There are boggy patches and bracken, and there’s also all manner of man-made stuff. Honestly, one of the worst things I have ever encountered in a game – and by worst I mean you get that strange thrill of dread that only games can conjure – is a series of concrete pipes half-buried in the earth. Or a bunch of logs laid lengthways and piled into wobbly ziggurats. Oh god!

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