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Overwatch’s latest hero Echo can transform into any enemy hero on the battlefield

Yesterday, Blizzard waggled its fingers dramatically and ripped back the veil to reveal Overwatch’s 32nd hero, Echo, and today it’s giving the full run-down of her abilities.

Echo, who was created by now-deceased Overwatch founding member Dr. Mina Liao (apparently in her own image), is described as an “adaptive artificial intelligence” with a specialisation in damage, but “versatile enough to fill multiple battlefield combat roles”.

Echo can fly freely, glide while falling, and is able to surge forward as needed. Her primary attack is the Tri-Shot, which, as its name suggests, fires three shots at once in a triangular pattern, and that’s supported by the Sticky Bomb – enabling Echo to launch a volley of adhesive projectiles that explode after a short detonation period.

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