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Oxenfree dev’s pub-crawl-in-hell adventure Afterparty heading to Switch next week

Oxenfree developer Night School Studio’s well-received pub-crawl-in-hell narrative adventure, Afterparty, will be slinging one back and staggering its way onto Switch next Friday, 6th March.

Afterparty, which released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One last October, tells the story of Milo and Lola, two recently deceased best friends who hatch a plot to escape the eternal torments of Hell – a task that, thanks to a loophole, requires them to drink Satan himself under the table.

What follows is a boozy adventure covering the many and varied drinking holes along the River Styx. It’s not all cocktail chugging debauchery, however; Afterparty is a candid character piece as much as anything, peeling back the layers of its dual leads to really pick apart the relationship that got them to hell in the first place.

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