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Play as a burly, sexy lumberjack in this forestry sim

In Logjam, you play as a sexy lumberjack chopping, slicing, and stroking wood.

It’s… very NSFW.

Logjam is the latest game from famed creator Robert Yang, following the likes of Hard Lads, Rinse and Repeat, and The Tearoom in exploring gay sexuality.

And like Hard Lads, Logjam is in part inspired by a recent trend of sexy lumberjack videos on TikTok, as he explains in a lengthy blog post.

“Logjam is the latest in my gay sexuality series – a short small game about a middle aged lumberjack daddy processing wood and other hard things. It’s about forestry, masculinity, and history, but on a surface level it’s a simple work simulator with a burly stripper and occasional twists,” he says.

“A ‘log jam’ is a ‘crowded mass of logs blocking a river’ or a ‘situation that seems irresolvable’. But we can also understand it erotically as jam from a log – a sticky substance oozing out of a long hard thing.”

Available for free on, the short game is very simple: use the mouse to chop wood.

Of course, chopping wood is hard, sweaty work, so inevitably our lumberjack protagonist takes his clothes off. And it’s not just wood he’s chopping, but sandwiches, deer, apple pie, and other American symbols.

Over the course of four days, the lumberjack continuously chops wood until…a very depressing end, to be honest with you.

As Yang himself explains, it’s all a comment on masculinity, on the historical importance of wood, on loneliness.

It’s also an excuse to see a digital penis.

Logjam is available for free – or for a donation – on

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