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Playing Celeste’s Farewell DLC is a masterpiece of High Resolution Play

Happy Second Birthday Celeste! I’m late again, I know. But thanks to the Farewell update released last September, Celeste is imprinted on my 2019 as much as it was the year before. Because Farewell is brilliant.

Now, this is a small spoiler, but you have to hold down as Madeline falls, to speed her descent enough to just (just!) catch the falling spring block as it plummets away from you.

Holding down stretches Madeline, squashing and squeezing her as she accelerates – way too quick for comfort – towards a tiny, moving chunk of moon rock. This is right at the beginning of Farewell, Celeste’s DLC finale. And it’s precise: Panicky and stylish and more genuinely thrilling through the fingers than some whole games manage with their-canned, smoke-and-mirror bluster.

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