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PlayStation offers $50k reward for finding serious exploits

If you’re sitting at home twiddling your thumbs and basking in the whir of your PlayStation 4 fans, why not try rooting around for some bugs – as finding a critical vulnerability could now land you $50k.

As announced via the PlayStation blog, the new “Bug Bounty Program” is being run in collaboration with HackerOne, the security company also working with Riot on a bug-hunting program for Valorant. The rewards for spotting an exploit reach up to $100k for kernel driver exploits on that one, mind you.

HackerOne lists the potential rewards for finding different PlayStation bugs on its website, with the very lowest reward (for low-level threats to PlayStation Network) earning bug-hunters $100 (£80.60), while finding critical vulnerabilities could earn you $50k (£40.2k). Sony’s own blog post states that $50k is the starting point, however, so it’s possible you could earn more for finding something really bad.

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