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PlayStation Vita and PS3 system update adds new security measures

Sony has today launched new system updates for the aging PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, apparently in a bid to enhance their security.

Two-factor authentication is now required when signing-in, and certain account features have been disabled (thanks, PushSquare).

It is now no longer possible to create a new PlayStation account on either console, for example, instead leaving this to Sony’s more secure website accessible via PC or mobile.

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With these updates installed, PS3 now sits at firmware version 4.89, while Vita will sit at version 3.74.

Last year Sony was forced into an embarrassing U-turn when fans erupted in anger at news it would shutter the PS3 and Vita stores. Sony subsequently said it would keep both consoles’ digital storefronts operational – though PSP was killed off for good.

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