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Pokémon Go confirms arrival of Ultra Beasts

Pokémon Go has teased the imminent arrival of Ultra Beasts – the powerful cluster of creatures that invaded Pokémon Sun and Moon via extra-terrestrial wormholes from another dimension.

The below teaser shows Nihilego, a Rock/Poison-type which looks like a big space jellyfish. It’s actually one of the more normal-looking Ultra Beasts, which were specifically designed to appear alien in the traditional Pokémon world.

We also get a glimpse of a figure dressed in the uniform of the Ultra Recon Squad. Will these be new PVE enemies in the game’s overworld? Or is this just a snazzy outfit for your avatar to wear? Here’s a look:

Pokémon Go teases its first Ultra Beast, Nihilego.

Ultra Beasts are something of an oddity in Pokémon. They’re not technically Legendary creatures, though they share some of the same characteristics and this will in all probability be how Pokémon Go treats them.

Regardless, fans have been expecting their arrival for a little while now. The game currently is hosting a Season of Alola – the region from Sun and Moon – which will culminate in Go Fest 2022, during which a mysterious new Tier 5 raid boss is set to appear. Nihilego, then?

Unown letters spawning at Go Fest are also set to spell out “UB GO” – which fans deduced referred to Ultra Beasts Go.

Their arrival would also fit with the kind of storytelling beat developer Niantic likes to save for a Go Fest event. Will we see them appear via wormhole in the sky, like Hoopa at Go Fest last year?

This year’s Pokémon Go Fest is due to take place as a global event on June 4th and 5th, before separate in-person events in Berlin, Seattle and Sapporo in July and August. A subsequent finale event will then follow on 27th August – a bonus for those with a global event ticket.

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